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How to Access Your Child's STAAR Scores

Posted Date: 08/20/2023

How to Access Your Child's STAAR Scores

Dear parents and families,

Your child took the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) earlier this spring, and soon your will receive your child’s results. The state assessment is one of many ways to measure student learning. Teachers will use STAAR resluts along with other information to support your child’s learning in the new school year.

Beginning June 30 for STAAR end-of-course assessments and August 16 for STAAR grades 3-8 assessments, you will be able to access your child’s STAAR results by loggin into the Family Portal on the Texas Assessment website. Use your child’s unique access code and enter it on the Texas Assessments homepage. This will take you directly to your child’s STAAR results, which will include detailed information for each test question, identifying your child’s strengths as well as areas where they may need additonal support. Families have shared that seeing which questions their child got right and wrong has been the most useful. You will also see easy-to-use resources to help your child focus on the skills they most need help with and can work on at home.

When you meet with your child’s teacher in the fall, use this information along with your own observations from the past year and your child’s grades to create a plan to help your child succeed. 

For mor information about STAAR or to access your child’s test results, visit the Texas Assessment website.